Rescue Helicopter Plan

This plan is for the construction of a sturdy palm sized wooden helicopter. Wooden toys like this can usually be built in an afternoon without too much trouble.

Please note: The toy builder assumes all responsibility for the toy(s) they create and for their own safety creating the toy(s).

Grid scale: Each box = 1/4 inch

Dimensions: Length x Width x Height


Parts identification
multi view of helicopter parts for identification





Rescue Helicopter Parts & Tools



Skid base, 1 wood sheet: 2-1/4 x 1-1/2 x 1/4

Skids, 2 wood strips: 2-3/4 x 1/2 x 1/2

Doors, 2 wood sheets: 1-3/4 x 1 x 1/4

Body, 1 wood board: 7 x  2-3/8 x 3/4

Blade, 1 wood strip: 6-3/4 x 3/4 x 1/4


Purchased item(s)

Blade shaft, 1 Axle peg


Power tools used

Bandsaw or scrollsaw, drillpress, router


Bits & drills

1/2, 3/8, 5/8  forstner bits

1/4, 15/64 drill bit

1/2, 1/8 round off router bits


Rescue Helicopter assembly


Note: You can scale the pattern up or down but you will have to change some of the hole sizes.



Cut out the parts and round the edges:


Use the pattern and trace out the body and blade and to mark the center of the drill points.

Cut out the body.


Cut out the doors, skids and skid base plate.


You can route or sand all edges as much as you like. I used a 1/2 roundover router for the body and a 1/4 roundover router for all other parts.


Drill the holes:

Use forstner or bradpoint bits to make the windows and tail rotor fan (see pattern).  The windows and tail rotor are on both sides. Drill a small pilot hole all the way through to help align the holes on the other side.



Drill a 1/4 hole in the center of the rotor blade.



Drill a 7/32 to 15/64 hole at the top of the body for the rotor shaft. The hole is 2-1/2 from the nose. Drill the about 1-1/4 inches deep.


Assemble the helicopter:
Place the axle pin through the blade and glue the axle into the rotor shaft hole in the body.

Stand the body up and place the doors behind the windows. The bottom of the body and the doors need to lie on a flat surface. Glue the doors to the body.



Place the skid baseplate on a flat surface and glue the skids to the side of the baseplate. You can align the skids so they are about in the center of the baseplate.

After the body and skid assemblies dry, glue the body assembly to the skid assembly. Try to get the body centered and positioned like in the illustrations above.




DONE! Enjoy the model and happy flying :)